The following is a brief history of how over 60 years and three generations a small 10 tons stone mill has turned into a globally recognized modern mill.

Messrs. Gholam Reza Yazdjerdi, Abolfazl AhmadKhanlou and Javad Karimi cofounded Taban Flour Mill in 1952.  They were all bakers who were running several major bakeries in various parts of Tehran.  They originally planned to build a small mill in order to provide quality flour for their own bakeries. However, due to their extensive experience, their flour immediately turned into high demand amongst other bakeries in Tehran.  Provision of high quality flour and customer service, coupled with market knowhow, was the key to Taban Flour Mill’s immediate success.  The same attributes are still being followed by the current management.

In 1952 Taban Flour Mill started its operation with a small stone-mill with daily capacity of 10mt.  Soon after the equipment were upgraded into Russian made roller-mill with daily capacity of 120mt. In 1975, at a completely new location, a 300mt/day mill became operational, using the most up-to-date German and Swiss technology, thus making Taban Flour Mills one of the most modern mills in Iran.

Continuing its aim to enhance the quality of its flour, in 2001, Taban Flour Mill installed the most up-to-date cleaning machinery available at the time.  As the result, in 2002, Taban Flour Mill received the highest rating (97.5 out of 100) of all Tehran mills by a committee consisting of Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Health, State Grain Organization and Iranian Flour Mills Association.

In 2008, the Grain Research Institute selected Taban Flour Mill as the best mill in Iran; with the highest rankings.  During the award ceremonies, a Golden Globe and a letter of commemoration were presented to Taban Flour Mills.

Through purchase of the most modern Buhler equipment in 2011, a completely renovated and up-to-date mill became operational in 2013 which according to Buhler experts Taban Flour Mill can be considered as the most technologically advanced mill in the world.

Again, in 2014, during the “World Food Day” ceremonies, the Ministry of Health, selected Taban Flour Mills as the best mill in Iran.


The following is a history of a family-run company describing over 60 years of growth and its successful day- to-day operation and management by three consecutive generations of the AhmadKhanlou, Yazdjerdi and Karimi families. Several members of these families also sit on the company board of directors.

Mr. Gholam Reza Yazdjerdi and Mr. Abolfazl AhmadKhanlou and  Mr. Javad Karimi are the original cofounders of company. Before establishing Taban, They had several bakeries in and around Tehran, Iran.  They opened the mill originally to produce flour for their personal use in their bakeries. Eventually, they closed their bakeries and concentrated on running the company as their flour milling business developed and increased.

Having started their professional careers as bakers has given these individuals a unique insight and perspective about how to produce flours. Their practical hands-on expertise is still being utilized in “eye” and “touch” tests performed as a complement to advanced laboratory testing at the factory to insure the quality of company products.

Taban Flour Mills was founded in 1952. Taban Flour Mills celebrated its fiftieth year anniversary and the members are looking forward to continuing conducting a successful business in the new millennium.

In the beginning, Taban was a stone mill having the capacity of grinding 10 tons of wheat in a 24-hour period. This mill was then converted to a roller mill factory following the purchase of Russian-made machinery in 1965. This change resulted in increasing the finding capacity of the factory to 120 tons a day.

In 1975 a new factory building was constructed at a new location within the city of Tehran, Iran where it still stands today. At the same time, Swiss-German made equipment replaced the equipment that had been purchased in 1965.

The changes made after the construction of the factory in 1975 dramatically affected the overall situation of Taban with regard to the quality of its products, its production capacity and the reputation of the company. Taban became one of the most highly regarded of all of the flourmills operating in Iran.

Since purchasing brand new state-of-the-art Swiss  wheat cleaning machinery in 2001, Taban Flour Mills has-continued to maintain its position as the flour milling industry leader in Iran. In 2002, a special committee was formed to rank all of the approximately 300 flour milling factories in Iran. Judges from the government entities named below participated in the evaluation ranking process                                  • The Ministry of Industry & Mine of Iran

  • The Ministry of Health and Medical Education
  • The State Grain Organization
  • Federation of Iranian Associations of Flour Milling Industry

Following this evaluation review process, Taban Flour Mills was ranked No. 1 in the city of Tehran by the committee judges, receiving a grade 97.5 out of 100 possible points.

Also in 2009 The Grain Research Center of Iran ranked Taban Flour Mills as NO.1 in the country and in a ceremony held in location of the international Fair of Iran they gave a special monument and also a letter of appreciation from the commerce ministry to Taban Flour Mills.

In 2010 by purchasing the most advanced flour mills machinery from Buhler of  Switzerland a big step has taken to renovate an developing  the factory both in quality and quantity.

 After instalation and starting to operation of the new machinery in 2012 the experts of buhler company nominate Taban Flour Mills as the most modern mill in the world.

In 2014 in ceremony held for the world food day Taban Flour Mills had elected and praised as the top of best flour mills in Iran by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education .